2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition (Category A2+B1)

Time: Nov. 6, 2010–Apr. 25, 2011
Site: Taipei, Taiwan
Theme: Flower, River, New Horizon 2016-03-28

2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition

Category: A2+B1

Time: Nov. 6, 2010–Apr. 25, 2011

Site: Taipei, Taiwan

Theme: Flower, River, New Horizon

Brief introduction:

2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition(2010 Taipei Flora Expo for short) was agarden festival recognized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers(AIPH)and was categorized as an A2 and B1 horticulture exposition. It is the first such internationally recognized expositionthat took place in Taiwan, and the seventh of its kind to take place inAsia.In April 2006, with the great vision and excellent city public construction,the Taipei City GovernmentandTaiwan Floriculture Development Association (TFDA)won over the right to host the 2010 International Flora Exposition.Taipeidid its best and successfully held this big event.

2010TaipeiFlora Expowasheld in Yuanshan Park,Taipei Artist Park,Xinsheng ParkandDajia Riverside Park, which are to beintegratedas the host area.Besides green spaces, the exposition area alsoincludesartistic and culturalspots such astheZhongshan Soccer Stadium, Taipei Children's Recreation Center,Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei Story House, Lin-An-tai Historical Home.Including thenewly-built exposition hall, the2010TaipeiFlora Expowas expected to boastpavilions,withan area of 91.8 hectares.Thelocation of the expois saidto be“the Emerald Area”of the city.

The total area of the expo is 91.8 hectares, which is 3.5 times as large as that of Daan Forest Park and 1/5 of Datong District.It is divided into 4 major areas:Yuanshan Park(20.8 hectares),Taipei Artist Park(7.9 hectares),Xinsheng Park(15.1 hectares) andDajia Riverside Park(48 hectares).


To match the theme of the2010TaipeiFlora Expo, the emblem is composed of 5 petals featuring the shape of human.It combines elements of the sleeve dance (actorsor dancersdance with long sleeves in classical operas or dances) andTaiwanorchids; and outlines the heart, stamens and pedals of the orchid withabstract images ofhuman postures and movements.Its lines are as smooth as running water.Meanwhile, five colors it uses (red, orange, blue, green and purple) embody the five continents around the world.




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