Gardening Culture

The techniques of landscape construction in Ancient Chinese Gardens

The landscaping of ancient Chinese gardens stresses the harmony and coordination between man and nature by using multiple methods in design to express the beauty of nature in the best way.

How Should We Grow Flowers in the Summer?

Good ventilation,The plants and flowers that are ill-suited to high temperatures and sunlight should be placed in a shaded area where ventilation is good. Orchidaceae and araceae plants should be put under weak or scattered lights, shielded from sunlight and sprayed with water.

“Of all the plants in the world, the lotus flower is the most unique.”

Lotus flowers are loved by the Chinese people because, in the words of Cao Zhi (192-232), “Of all the plants in the world, the lotus flower is the most unique.”

A Guide to Growing Flowers at Different Stages of Growth

Seedlings,Seedlings are small and don’t need topdressing if planted in a garden. But for those planted in substrates that are not rich in nutrients, topdressing is needed at appropriate temperatures.

A Full Guide to Growing Flowers at Home

Most people don’t know much about how to grow flowers.The following is a full guide to growing flowers at home that will help solve any problems that you might encounter in flower growing.
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