International Horticultural Exposition 2006, Shenyang(Category A2+B1)

Time: May 1–Oct.31,2006
Site: ShenyangQipanshan Mountain International Scenery and Tourism Development Zone
Theme: We Coexist Harmoniously with Nature 2016-03-28

International Horticultural Exposition 2006, Shenyang

Category: A2+B1

Time: May 1–Oct.31,2006

Site: ShenyangQipanshan Mountain International Scenery and Tourism Development Zone

Theme:WeCoexistHarmoniously withNature

Brief introduction:

OnSept. 1, 2004, approved by the 56th General Assembly oftheInternationalAssociation of Horticultural Producers(AIPH), Shenyang was entitled to hold theInternational Horticultural Exposition 2006, Shenyang 2006 (Shenyang Expo 2006 for short), categorized as an A2+B1 professional international exposition.The ShenyangExpo2006 lasted for 184 days from May 1 to Oct. 31, 2006.The expoareais divided by different functions, such as gardening shows, leisure and entertainment, comprehensive services, exhibition activities.It wellintegratesall gardens, buildings and ancillary facilities into natural landscapes.

The Shenyang Expo 2006 was held at the Qipanshan Mountain International Scenery and Tourism Development Zone, a recreation resortin theeast of Shenyang. The zone is located at the strenching branch of Changbai Mountain; thus it is blessed with green mountains, lush forests, rivers and flowers.The zone is20kilometers awayfrom the urban area.AsShen-Qi highway (6 lanes), Ma-Song highway, Ji-Xi adjusted highway, Shen-Fu North and Shen-Fu railway meet in this area, the transportationis veryconvenient.

TheQipanshan Mountain International Scenery and Tourism Development Zonetakes up 190 square meters.Thanks to its beautiful and natural sceneries, the Zone has a good reputation as“theOriginalCopy ofTraditional ChineseLandscapePainting”among Chinese and foreign tourists.Thezone was builtin the center of the previous Shenyang Botanical Garden, covering 2.46 squarekilometersof land as the core area and 5square kilometersas the background zone.

From Nov. 16 to 23, 2014, more than 50,000 citizens voted for the theme of ShenyangExpo2006 and selected“WeCoexistHarmoniously withNature”as the theme.Here,the word “we”refers to people in Shenyang, China and even the whole world, as well as cities, the earth and all human beings.This theme fully demonstrates the common pursuit of harmonious co-existence between human and nature.

Human and natureconstitute the world. Humanisblessed with thinking, wisdom and emotion, whilenatureis composed ofgrass and woods, animals, mountains and water, both of which areall living creaturesand rely oneach other. Only the harmonious relationship between human and naturemakescoexistence possible,and coexistence makesfuture bright.

“WeCoexistHarmoniously withNature”is a kind of advocation, beckon and stance. Itis not onlya great wisdom of promotingmaterial andspiritualcivilizationby eco-civilization, but alsothe foundation for the sustainable development of human being.


Roses, the earthand the iron flower petals splattered from machine tools form the image of a rose in full bloom. The rose is the city flower of Shenyang; its color transition from red to green implies that Shenyang, once a heavily-polluted city, has gradually developed into an environmental-friendly eco-city; lastly, the image of the earth refers to the world. This emblemisa microcosm of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, as well as an implication that the international horticultural exhibition gives a good opportunity for Shenyang to march into the world.


The mascot of theShenyang Expo 2006 is azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyana),mostly seen at the exposition site.It fully demonstratesthe natural quality of the real local magpie.In Chinese culture, the picapica embodies auspiciousness and blessings. Yangyang spreading wings symbolizes the vigour and enthusiasm of Shenyang and its best wishes to bring good luck to the whole world.


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