Exhibition Content


Exhibition Content:

Each outdoor garden covering an area of 1,000-3,000 m² shall showcase, with its classic design, the unique horticultural style of the participating country. Buildings inside the gardens can occupy no more 20% of the total area.

Each indoor garden covering an area of 50-300 m² shall display the latest horticulture development and achievements, including typical and selected varieties of plants, gardening techniques, facilities and equipment.

The organizer will also present large-scale flower landscape layout, technological achievements of horticulture, and life gardening (fruits and vegetables, flowers, tea and traditional Chinese medicines). International horticulture competitions will also be held during the exhibition session.

Construction Time:

Outdoor Garden: January 1st, 2017 - December 31st, 2018

Indoor Garden: January 1st, 2019 - April 20th, 2019

Participants are required to replace plants regularly to ensure the exhibits to be in best condition throughout the exhibition session.

Live Green, Live Better

The theme derives from the concept of ecological civilization, a new guiding principle in the long history of humankind.

Since ancient times, people’s livelihood has never been separated from nature and horticulture. Horticulture is a language for human to communicate with nature, an art of plant production, a culture of green and an extension and essence of life. As the nexus of communication between human and nature, horticulture has also become an illustration of the close relationship between living green and quality life while bringing people material wealth as well as spiritual fulfillment. Beijing Expo, centering on the theme “Live Green, Live Better”, will demonstrate people’s common desire for a green lifestyle and help humankind adapt to, respect and integrate into nature rather than merely recognizing it and attempting to change it.

Green Development

Green and sustainable development is an important philosophy and pursuit in the global economic development nowadays and it will stay to be true for the decades to come. Green development involves not only the philosophy of ecological civilization and environmental protection, but also major transformation of development model and production methods. It will press ahead with green practices in production, initiate innovations on existing green technological elements, set up green pillars for growth and boost the green transformation with the permanent driving force of innovation.

Horticulture in Life

Horticulture plays an important role in material, spiritual and cultural lives of mankind and offers us a vital approach to co-exist with nature in harmony. Horticulture in Life, the sub-theme of the expo, aims to promote the philosophy of harmonious co-existence between human beings, horticulture and nature and give impetus to the green lifestyle. People’s engagement of horticulture and green lifestyle in their daily life will make them go further in respecting, caring and returning to nature.

Harmonizing with Nature

Horticulture, like a bridge that links various cultures, races and religions to each other, enables all parts of the world to be involved in the endeavor of building a better homeland for the mankind. The Organizer hopes that Participants can, through harmonizing with the diverse horticultural cultures, fully demonstrate plant varieties that carry cultural, artistic and folk-life characters of various nations and ethnic groups, thereby to transform the cultural-fusion into a common mission of building a beautiful home on our planet shared by all and, further motivated by that, to unite together people who grow up in different regions and cherish different religious beliefs so that they can share prosperity and make concerted efforts to realize common goals of mankind.

Education and the Future

Beijing Expo is a platform where people can understand horticulture better and love it more. It will not only push forward education, training and innovation in horticultural sector, but also fulfill imperceptibly its own educational function through interactions between Participants and visitors so as to help young people develop an ecologic philosophy, a respect for natural laws and a liking for horticulture.

Home of Hearts

Beijing Expo aims to promote the philosophy of “Integrating Horticulture into Nature and Touching Souls with Nature”, in the hope that horticulture can be blended into people’s spiritual world and livable space. A beautiful homeland should be eco-friendly and nourishing. The concept of spiritual livability is a comprehensive expression of multiple art forms including natural environment, architecture, landscape, poems and paintings, couplets, operas and sculptures. Beijing Expo, an expo by the Great wall, will demonstrate a perfect combination of nature and cultural landscape and provide the premium condition to establish an ideal home of hearts and a livable environment for humanity.

Philosophy and Objective

Philosophy: Integrating Horticulture into Nature and Touching Souls with Nature

The philosophy of Beijing Expo is to bring together the finest horticultural works from all over the world to show the harmony among horticulture, city, man and nature. Integrated into the surrounding natural landscape, the Expo Park will become part of the beautiful nature.

Let's integrate horticulture into nature, touch our souls with nature and coexist in harmony with nature!

Objective: New stage of world horticulture, Brand-New Model of Ecological Civilization

The Beijing Expo will bring the very best of past International horticultural exhibitions together and display the finest horticultural works worldwide. It will also demonstrate China's contribution to the world horticulture with its great variety of plants that have been introduced to the world over the past 2000 years. Exhibition of horticultural products from different times and places is made possible through wide application of the latest scientific and technological achievements. The Expo will be hosted on an unprecedented scale with the attendance of numerous participants from all over the world.


Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More