Taiwan Garden: Six Major Landscapes to Present the Charm of the Treasure Land

​Alishan Mountain, Riyuetan Pool,Yushan Mountain...Speaking of the treasure land of Taiwan Island, these charming scenic spots will emerge in visitors’ mind. 2018-11-02

Alishan Mountain, Riyuetan Pool,Yushan Mountain...Speaking of the treasure land of Taiwan Island, these charming scenic spots will emerge in visitors’ mind. Taiwan Garden of Beijing Expo 2019 will demonstrate the unique charm of Taiwan integrating natural environment, folk customs, modern development and humanistic emotion. Covering an area of 2000 square meters, the garden is composed of six landscapes titled Towards the Mountains, Beauty of Orchid, Time Road, Riyuetan Pool, Terraced Farmland and Mountain Top.Centering on the Riyuetan Pool, the ring-shaped Time Road connects these landscapes. With rise and fall in the spatial arrangement, visitors can have a comfortable and relaxing experience of the nature.

Towards Mountains at the entrance to the garden originates from the Alishan Mountain. A little train is embedded into the green wall representing Alishan Mountains, adding vigor and vitality to the mountains. Taiwan Island is known as the “Island of Orchid”. A diversity of orchids growing up on the island enjoys great fame in the international flower market. The orchids exhibition area in the garden is in the shape of a blooming orchid. A path stretches into the blossom where clusters of orchids hang on a big tree. Visitors will be refreshed when strolling along the path. The following part of the time road is of distinctive characteristics with spiritual totems, sculptures and paintings of various local tribes displayed on both sides.The colorful scene shows unique feature of the culture of ethnic minorities.

As the center of the whole garden,the Riyuetan Pool epitomizes Lalu Island, the ancestral holy land of the Thao people. The integration of it into the landscape adds a splendid touch to the garden. A path stretches from the time road to the Riyuetan Pool and then connects to the time tunnel at the end which is decorated with 3D holographic images. The idea for the Terraced Farmland landscape comes from the terraced fields in Taiwan which shows the life of the local people. Rows of colorful tubes intertwine with each other to become both the lighting facility at night and a scenic spot.

Yushan Mountain is the common holy mountain of the Bunun people and Tsou people. As one of the symbols of Taiwan Islands in modern times, it is well-known for the saying that “the mind is as clear as a jade (Yu) and the integrity is as the hillsShan”. “Yushan”, the highest peak in Taiwan, is integrated into the garden as the best sightseeing location where visitors can overlooking the entire garden and enjoy the natural beauty. A marble-paved road with many stones of unique shape gradually reaches the highest point. A huge rock carved with the Chinese character meaning “Main Peak of Yushan” is set there as the symbol of the highest point of Taiwan Island.

Six major landscapes are naturally connected with progressive spatial levels and winding path. Meanwhile, the adoption of new materials and technologies brings the garden with new vitality and provides every visitor with a memorable experience.


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