Herb Garden: Appreciating Herb Garden Horticulture and Enjoying Healthy Living

As one of the important special exhibition gardens of the Beijing Expo, the Herb Garden is divided into an indoor part and an outdoor part. 2018-11-19

The Ganoderma Lucidum with a height of 1.5 meters, the desert plant Herba Cistanche which is known as the king maidenhair tree and possesses a history of 100 years; the journey through herbal history, the linkup of Chinese herbal medicines, the on-site operation of Jingbang medicinal materials processing... These fascinating medicinal plants and interactive games are set to appear at the Herb Garden of Beijing Expo 2019.

As one of the important special exhibition gardens of the Beijing Expo, the Herb Garden is divided into an indoor part and an outdoor part: the Herb Garden plays the role of the outdoor exhibition garden and the Materia Medica Impression Hall on the second floor of the Life Experience Museum is set to show the beauty of Chinese herbal medicines through horticultural techniques and create a window for the spread of Chinese medicinal culture.

Covering an area of 32,000 square meters, the Herb Garden will display more than 300 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, which is a record high compared to previous International Horticultural Exhibitions. The design scheme of the Herb Garden takes "Herb" as its pulse and takes Yin-Yang and the Five Elements Culture as its sources of inspiration to elaborately create five creative space exhibition areas corresponding to wood, fire, earth, gold and water, and to design several medicinal plant landscapes featuring many ancient styles as well as displaying the harmony that exists between heaven and man.

In the Spring of Nature Herbal Area, the Herbal Mountain is like a wonderland of peach blossoms. The grass is green and the fallen flowers are numerous. Walking up the steps along the herbal path, there is a feeling of picking herbs in the forest and being led down the loneliness maze by the winding path.

In the Summer of Fire-Herbal Medicine Garden, the exquisite medicinal plant landscapes are represented by the plants’ delicate flowerbeds incorporating the four natures and five flavors of medicines which share the same origins as medicine and food, and the sculpture of representative drugs in genuine traditional Chinese medicines such as the "four major Huaiqing medicines", the "eight major Zhejiang medicines" and the "four northeastern medicines". The basil, caraway, cumin and other medicinal plants are planted on the east side. Such plants were seen along the "Belt and Road" in ancient times and show the long and extensive history of international exchange of Chinese medicines.

In the Later Summer of Earth-Famous Herbs Greenhouse, many rare Southern medicinal plants are to be cultivated for tourists to appreciate. A range of dynamic interactive activities will be held in the Herb Garden. A series of delicious, eye-catching and interesting thematic activities, special exhibitions and family gardening events are set to be held regularly, so that tourists can truly enter into the life of herbal medicines.

In the Autumn of Gold-Medicinal Herbs Area, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Story Garden presents pharmaceutical scenes, famous doctors' stories and traditional Chinese medicine processing tools on the relief wall through means of artistic sculptures to display to tourists a rich knowledge of traditional Chinese medicines.

In the Winter of Water-Aquatic Plant Area, there is a Xuanhu Lake, indicating the concept of "practicing medicine in order to help the public". The natural grassland slope is connected to the lake bank. The American water plantain, the acorus calamus, the lotus and other aquatic medicinal plants are planted in the open waters, reflecting beauty of agility with the help of landslides.


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