Shunxin Group: Sharing New Life in Garden

​In Beijing Expo 2019, the Enterprise Garden of Shunxin titled “Shunxin Homeland” will enable tourists to get closer to Shunxin Group to share a beautiful new life in the garden. 2018-11-30

In Beijing Expo 2019, the Enterprise Garden of Shunxin titled “Shunxin Homeland” will enable tourists to get closer to Shunxin Group to share a beautiful new life in the garden. With the theme of “home”, “Shunxin Homeland” is divided into three parts - Shunxin Land, Shunxin Garden and Shunxin Taste. It brings everyone an intimate immersive experience in the garden through the creation of many scenes in our daily life and the design of interactive games/installations of modern life in the garden.

“Shunxin Land” is the area to exhibit Shunxin's corporate culture and development. The entrance hall of the main exhibition hall hangs the art installation titled “fragrance of wheat welcomes the guests” and the wind-bells resembling wheat ears tinkle in the winds, echoing with the real wheat ears planted on both sides of the hall, indicating the company’s long-term focus on the primary industry and the promotion of the modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry and the company’s beautiful vision to bring quality life to the people. The waterscape wall made of liquor bottles on the east side of the exhibition hall gathers a collection of Shunxin's liquor products. Using multimedia, the exhibition hall showcases the history, the corporate culture and the classic products of the group.

The east part is the area called “Shunxin Garden”. China's long history of farming has given birth to the people’s unique understanding of ideal dwelling, which has been wonderfully interpreted in Wang Wei's Wangchuan Villa, Bai Juyi's Lvdaofang Garden and Sima Guang's Dule Garden. To this day, "reading while farming", "self-cultivation" and "handing down family traditions” has always been the dreamed lifestyle of most Chinese people. “Shunxin Garden” is also an exploration and trial of the “New Garden” lifestyle in contemporary China. With the theme interpreted by three typical traditional garden scenes, namely “flowing-wine-cup picture”, “reading-while-farming garden”and “herb garden”, it creates a comfortable, convenient, efficient and interesting garden space for today by using modern material technologies and space design.

The water source of the “flowing-wine-cup picture” is a group of dynamic waterscape installations assembled with the brewing equipment of Niulanshan Erguotou. Combining bamboos and orchids, it creates a garden space for the modern literati. The “reading-while-farming garden” is a "3D one-meter vegetable garden” with pavilions and corridors which are three-dimensionally planted. It provides a space for reading, rest and so on, creating a new garden for the work and life of the contemporary people. Themed “fragrance of Shunxin spread by herbs”, the "herb garden" consists of a platform and a sunken space, planted with herbs which can be used as food or medicine, dotted with creative seeds and small sculptures of livestock such as cattle and sheep, embedded with the hand-painted ancient farming-themed murals on the retaining walls, artistically showing the gradual changes from the ancient gardening to today's agriculture and animal husbandry. The sunken space is decorated with lying rocks, old pine trees, mosses, grasses, blue roof tiles etc. and equipped with seats and tables for tea drinking, attracting the visitors to stay and experience the nature in the garden.

The southern part is called “Shunxin Taste”. It’s an area to taste Shunxin products. In the gourmet’s workshop called "Shunxin Taste" Canteen, you can taste all the products produced by Shunxin, participate in a variety of courses on life experience and other interesting activities, such as "sharing with your family at Shunxin table”, to experience the warmth of home. In addition, selected Shunxin handmade coffee will also be provided in the rose garden outside the canteen, accompanying you to spend a beautiful afternoon there.


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