BLFG Garden: Ecological Culture in “Three Yards”

​The Garden of Beijing Landscape and Forestry Group Co., Ltd. (BLFG) is located in the “Education and Future” exhibition zone on the west side of the Axis of Landscape at Beijing Expo 2019. 2018-12-20

The Garden of Beijing Landscape and Forestry Group Co., Ltd. (BLFG) is located in the “Education and Future” exhibition zone on the west side of the Axis of Landscape at Beijing Expo 2019. With an area of 1,600 square meters, it sits on the same landscape corridor with the Pavilion of Lasting Peace in the north. The garden features a layout comprised of “three yards”: flower yard, musical yard and mountain yard. Through interpreting the value of horticulture from multiple dimensions and displaying the achievements of the horticultural industry from diverse perspectives, it showcases BLFG’s corporate ecological culture connotation of commitment to promoting green development of cities and harmonious coexistence between man and nature as well as building a common community with a shared future for mankind through tireless efforts. 

The garden integrates a wide range of landscaping projects including vegetation, artificial waterfalls, rockeries, and traditional pavilions, testifying to BLFG’s implementation ability across the full industrial chain. As one of the central sights in the garden, the festive flower basket is a half-size model of the flower basket at Tian’anmen Square that was designed by BLFG for the National Day celebrations, which has become a golden name card of the company. The flower basket is set off by a red wall in the back, reviving the classic scene of the magnificent flower basket against the backdrop of the red wall of the Forbidden City. Visitors can take photos with this miniature National Day flower basket and the red wall. It becomes a highlight in the BLFG Garden and even the entire Beijing Expo 2019.  

With the theme of “flower yard, musical yard and mountain yard,” the garden showcases BLFG’s achievements in various fields including horticulture, archaized architecture and gardening engineering and testifies to the company’s capacity as a landscaping service provider in the full industrial chain. The buildings in the garden demonstrate BLFG’s corporate culture while integrating public participation and interaction. By utilizing various landscaping techniques, the garden features fragrant and beautiful flowers suitable for enjoying in three seasons from spring to autumn. 

The garden consists of three parts: flower yard, musical yard and mountain yard. In autumn, when laurels blossom, the garden will display a variety of sweet-scented osmanthus that BLFG’s vegetation base cultivates, such as orange osmanthus and red osmanthus. In addition, the half-sized version of the National Day flower basket at Tian’anmen Square in the garden will attract visitors to take a photo with it. 

The musical yard in the center of the garden features a square themed on children’s music, as well as shade trees and a glass roof. It provides the shade for visitors to rest and a space for children to have fun. Growing in the flowerbed in the north of the musical yard are new species of flowers, creating a floral world comprised of a variety of flowering plants such as petunia, African balsamine, pansy, marigold, Hylotelephium spectabile, and Delphinium grandiflorum.

The mountain yard features pines and rockeries and occupies a high point in the west of the garden. With a green pine forest as its mainstay, it integrates a variety of landscaping elements including pine trees, rockeries, ponds, waterfalls and pavilions, and demonstrates the traditional Chinese gardening concept of “coexistence between man and nature.” It presents an enchanting landscape painting of the Chinese Dream. 


Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More