Notice for Tourists to Beijing Expo 2019


Quick Entry by Showing ID Cards

To facilitate quick and orderly entry into the Expo Site, please wait in lines and get your ID card ready for pre-check, ticket check and security inspection before entering. In the process of ticket check, those who hold concessionary tickets must show their valid certificates that prove they are entitled for such concession. Thank you for your cooperation.

Safe Tour to the Expo

For the sake of your personal safety, please don’t take anything that may disturb other visitors or undermine the order of the Expo Site such as pets, drones, kites, handheld transceivers, and speakers. Children and seniors who are physically inconvenienced shall be accompanied by able adults. Except for wheelchairs for the elderly and the disabled and strollers for children, no vehicles are allowed to enter the Expo Site. In case of emergencies, please ask help from staff members around you.

Taking Action to Safeguard the Environment

To maintain a green, beautiful environment for yourself and others, please follow relevant travel etiquettes, protect public facilities, maintain environmental sanitation and care plants growing in the Expo Site. Behaviors such as climbing or destroying structures and exhibits are prohibited.

Orderly Travel by Maintaining Harmony and Politeness

For the safety of visitors, staff members may temporarily restrict accession into some gardens and pavilions and evacuate tourists in the event of overcrowding. Please follow their instruction. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Enjoying Considerate Service and Having Fun

Tourist service centers in the Expo Site provide services including information inquiry, storage of personal belongings, wheelchair and stroller renting, lost & found service, and search for missing persons. We hope you have a good time at the Expo.


You can dial the service hotline at for inquiry, suggestion or complaint. Thanks for your attention.


Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More