Beijing Expo 2019

Hainan Garden: Mountains, Seas and Forests Showcase Charm of Coconut Island

In Beijing Expo 2019, the Hainan Garden will show the charm of“Pearl in South China Sea”.

Gansu Garden: Picture of Silk Road and Dream of Flying Apsaras

Gansu, the ancient and mysterious western region of China is famous for the ancient Silk Road due to its colorful legends and romantic appeal.

Tibet Garden: Tunba House Exhibits Tibetan Scenery

These are the unique elements of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Guangxi Garden: Colorful Dreamland of Zhuang People

Welcome to the villages of the Zhuang ethnic group in Guangxi toexperience the beautiful sceneries and the enchanting Zhuang culture and listen to the fascinating stories of Guangxi.

Guangdong Garden: Waterside Dwellings, Pavilions and Corridors Depict Charm of Guangdong

The Guangdong Garden of Beijing Expo 2019 will in herit the essence of Lingnan Garden.
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Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More