China Tower Has Built the Foundation of the First 5G “Smart International Horticultural Expo” in An All-Around Way in the History


The Beijing International HorticulturalExpo(BIHE) highlightsits characteristics of being“science and technology-led, ecology first, characteristics-highlighted, people-oriented”,with the Internet of Things and 5G as the “nerve”,big data and artificial intelligence as the “brain”,will transform theBIHE from the traditional gardening art display stage into a harmonious environment of organic integration of human, science and technology, nature and culture.

As the national team for the construction and operation of information and communication infrastructure, Beijing Branch of China Tower(the Tower),under the guidance of the government,adheres to new development concepts,takes the lead in coordinating the construction needs of the public and private networks of telecommunications,Mobile and Unicom operators,unifies planning,shares intensiveness,and promotes the construction of mobile communication infrastructure with high standards,quality and efficiency.Up to now,the mobile communication infrastructure construction of theBIHE has been successfully completed, including 12 macro base stations,74 Mini base stations,114 smart light poles inside and outside theBIHE Park, and indoor signal coverage tasks of the exhibition hall with an area of more than 200,000 square meters.The three operators of telecommunications,namely China Telecom,China Mobile andChinaUnicom,have effectively supported the comprehensive coverage of 4G and 5G networks of the park and its surrounding important roads,and effectively guaranteedthe demand of command and dispatch of government departments and security monitoring,which has laid a solid foundation for the first 5G “smart BIHE” in history for thevisitors at home and abroad.

Guo Ziliang, Vice Minister of Informatization Department of Beijing International Horticultural Expo Bureau, said that through the overall planning of the Tower,the communication infrastructure fully synchronized with the“planning,design,construction and delivery”ofthe buildings in the Park,which guaranteed not only the good network quality of 4G and 5G,but also the beauty of the buildings and the coordination of the environment.


It is said that the 12 outdoor macro base stations built by Beijing Branch of China Tower in the Park not only carry the signal coverage of 9 sets of systems of 2G/3G/4G/5G of three operators, but also carry the services of Beijing Just Top Network Communication Co., Ltd (JustTop)800M private network,Capital Group Co., Ltd (Capital Group)1.4G private network and smart BIHE high-point security monitoring and control of landscape lighting wireless bridge equipment, which transforms the communication tower into a social tower and maximizes the multi-purpose of one tower. The 45-metre-high macro base station beside the International Pavilion, which has the most typical meaning of sharing,carries 11 sets of communication systems of three operators,Just Top and Capital Group, as well as security monitoring and wireless network bridge and object-link control services in thePark, can be described as the “central nervous system” of the Park.In order to ensure aesthetic harmony, all the macro base stations in the Park are beautified with the surrounding environment and integrated with the Park landscape.


Room subsystems of venues in the Park to ensure the coverage of indoor network

Yu Bo, director of Beijing Yanqing District, said that the government of Yanqing District implemented the concept of green development, strived to build a “smart BIHE of science and technology”, adhered to the concept of being“government-led,Tower co-ordinated”, according to the “1 plus1 plus3” construction mode of “government plus Tower plus three telecommunication operators”,and promoted the co-construction and sharing of mobile communication infrastructure, which not only avoided duplication of investment, but also made the environment more beautiful and ecological.Based on the advantages of overall planning and sharing of theTower, the district government also requires theTower to build multi-functional intelligent lamp poles on Yanqing main roads, which not only achieves good signal coverage and layout of 5G network and Internet of Things in advance, but also achieves good guarantee of urban operation such as video surveillance, environmental monitoring and roadside parking. At the end of 2018,the district government took advantage of the opportunity of the BIHE to organize 376 administrative villages in Yanqing District to connect to 4G, and completely solved the 10.2 km blind area of mobile phone signals in the Gangou area of Liugan Road, so that people in remote areas of Yanqing could enjoy the same convenience of information and communication as people in urban areas.